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AUCTION RESULT – 7 The Nook, Balwyn North – SOLD $1,100,000 – 5 March 2011

This updated 1940’s home in Balwyn High School Zone recently sold at auction for $1,100,000.  To see more of this beautifully maintained property, take a look at

Here’s what the happy vendors had to say after the auction:  “When it came to time to sell our home we had no hesitation in contacting Tim Heavyside at Fletchers to handle the sale.  Tim had sold us our home 9 years ago, and we had been impressed by his professionalism, honesty and integrity.  After our initial meeting with Tim we were confident that we would have a successful outcome.

Tim, Jennifer Ellett and their team made it all so easy.  Their knowledge of prospective buyers for the area was extremely insightful with regard to the marketing campaign for the property.  The contact and feedback from the Fletchers team, particularly Jennifer, was constant, honest and reassuringWe can’t thank them enough for their endless assistance in selling our home and making the whole process seem effortless.

The result achieved was outstanding, and way above our expectations.  We would highly recommend them for their professionalism, eagerness, optimism, honesty and integrity.”  – Michael & Maureen.

AUCTION RESULT – 915 Canterbury Rd Box Hill, Sold – $955,000 5 March 2011

This award-winning Edwardian home on 662 sqm approx sold at auction recently for $955,000.  Take a closer look at this beautiful property at

Here’s what the happy vendors had to say after the auction:  “To the Team at Fletchers,

We are delighted with the service we have received from Jason Salan and Tim Heavyside on the sale of our Box Hill house.  They, together with their team, provided an extremely professional level of service and delivered on all they promised.

They followed up on all interested parties and we believe it was this tenacity that sold the property, for reserve, in a somewhat turbulent market.

The marketing Fletchers offers is first rate and sets it apart from the other Real Estate Agents. 

Jason should also be commended on “working” our relationship over many years.  Approximately 5 years ago we had Jason visit us to get his advice on a proposed renovation.  He gave some great advice which we still thank him for, he even visited us after the renovation to see the result.  When it came time to sell the property Jason Salan was our first choice as he had built a great relationship with us over the years. 

Yours Sincerely,  Sue-Ann and Richard”

AUCTION RESULT – 26 Cadorna St Box Hill South – SOLD $778,000 12 March 2011

 This rare development site (STCA) of 729sqm approx was sold at Auction recently, with competitive bidding from 8 bidders resulting in a fabulous sale at $778,000.  For more information on this property, take a look online at 

Here’s what the vendors had to say following the auction:  “The thought of selling our family home was an emotionally daunting, yet necessary process that we had to go through.  Tim Heavyside, together with Alan Bramich, made this process far leses stressful with their professionalism, honesty and approachability.  Their professional aproach and attitude were refreshing and much appreciated.  Their knowledge of prospective buyers for the area was also extremely insightful with regard to the marketing strategy of the property. 

We can’t thank them enough for their endless assistance in selling our home and making the whole process seem effortless.   

We highly recommend Tim, Alan and their team at Fletchers if you are considering selling your home.   Once again,  thank you so much.”  – The Jones Family

The finished version of the article I posted recently

Last week I gave everyone a sneak peek at an article I was interviewed for, for online real estate magazine Sold. 

Here’s the published article, complete with “auction action” photo. SOLD Article

REIA Awards Night Next Thursday, at the Marriott on the Gold Coast

Hi all.  I can’t believe that this time next week I’ll know how I went at the REIA (Real Estate Institute of Australia) National Awards For Excellence.  I’ll be sure to let everyone know the outcome, and hopefully have some great photos from the black tie event.

I’m really looking forward to getting up to the Gold Coast, and catching up with our new Mermaid Beach office.  Here’s a little promo they are running, kindly welcoming me to the Gold Coast.

Article on Deceased Estates in last Saturday’s The Age Domain section


 For those of you unable to get to AREC this year, I thought I’d post a copy of my profile from the brochure, for your information.


Sex Sells Property!Just thought I’d let everyone know about an article coming up in a future edition of online real estate magazine “Sold” – 

Take a sneak peak now!


There’s no doubt that starting out as a young real estate agent can be pretty tough. Getting a listing, and making that first sale, can certainly feel like an uphill battle.

No-one knows this better than Tim Heavyside from Fletchers, who, despite now being one of Victoria’s most successful estate agents, entered the industry nine years ago with no experience, no clients, and no in-depth understanding of real estate.

He describes starting out as like pushing a giant boulder.

“When you first start in the industry, you’re constantly trying to get this boulder to move. Then you get your first listing and you make a sale and get a little momentum. But then, unfortunately, the boulder stops. You’re stuck back at square one and you have to work really hard to get it going again”, he says.

However, according to Tim, it’s vital to remember that with some persistence and hard work, the boulder can, and will, eventually gather momentum.

“After a period of time, the boulder just rolls naturally”, says Tim. “You build a client base that you can continue to tap into, and then the boulder starts rolling so much that it starts to become a magnet to people – and that’s a great place to be. When you don’t have to push it (the boulder) yourself all the time, then your career becomes a lot easier.”

And Tim would know.

Since entering the world of real estate, Tim has worked tirelessly to secure listings, make sales, and create lasting client relationships. A licensed estate agent and auctioneer, he is now the youngest appointed Director of Melbourne’s most iconic family agency, Fletchers.

In 2006, Tim received the prestigious inaugural REIV Residential Salesperson of the Year Award – and went on to be the representative of his state in the 2007 National Real Estate Industry awards. He received the same award in 2010 and will again be representing Victoria in the national awards on 31 March on the Gold Coast.

 In 2010, Tim also achieved the highest number of sales and commission in one year in Fletchers’ entire 92 year history.

So, what’s the secret to his success?

According to Tim, there’s no silver bullet. “There’s no single factor that will make you eminently successful. There are, however, a few key things that I believe can make a difference”, he says.

“You need a level of experience (understanding what this industry is all about), some street smarts (largely knowing when to be quiet, and when to talk) and application (good old fashioned hard work)”, he adds.

Perhaps most importantly, Tim is resolutely committed to his clients, and to fostering long term relationships. He says that when it comes to application, persistence is very important.

He recalls one particular sale that took over five years to come to fruition – from the time he first met the owner in 2005, to the time he sold his property for $125,000 over the reserve.

“You can’t shy away from the hard work. You need to put in, to get out”, he says. “You don’t have to be in this business for twenty years to be successful. But you do need to do the hard yards”.

Another crucial factor for Tim is going the extra mile – and always looking for opportunities. On a holiday in Queensland, for instance, Tim got chatting to a woman in the resort swimming pool – also from Victoria – who happened to mention that her grandmother was looking to sell her house.  The elderly lady’s English was poor – so when they returned to Victoria, Tim arranged a creative visual presentation for her, and ended up securing the listing, selling her home and getting a fantastic result.

Tim also believes wholeheartedly in the power of technology, and in embracing change.

“You need to continually update the way you work and welcome change – whether it’s being interactive with technology, streamlining your processes, or taking a lifelong approach to your client relationships”, he says.

Within the industry, Tim is well known for his use of technology – employing almost every tool at his disposal to promote his properties, his own name, and Fletchers’. He is a pioneer of using video tours to sell his properties, and says that this has been instrumental in his success. 

He now does video tours for 95% of his properties.

Tim also believes strongly in the power of personal branding.  He uses several forms of online marketing to ensure that he is well indexed with search engines, and has a dedicated assistant who looks after his Facebook profile and professionally markets his brand to the public and to the clients.

Tim has also taken advantage of every opportunity to grow his brand – appearing twice on the national TV show, Under the Hammer, and continually placing advertisements in both the Herald Sun and The Age.

Within Fletchers, Tim has also implemented a Fletchers’ DVD for pre-lists that provides a brief overview of the company and is used very successfully to engage prospective vendors. As a Director, he has also initiated a weekly prospecting sales meeting and an annual awards night – which brings all of Fletchers’ offices together.

He also often invites colleagues to shadow him at open for inspections or when listing presentations – and says that in so doing, he’s always sharpening his own pencil and perfecting his own approach.

“Sharing your listing with a colleague is also a great way of helping them with their career growth – as well as helping the client by providing even greater customer service”, he says.

Perhaps Tim’s greatest advice for young real estate agents is to think outside the box. 

“You’re not actually selling real estate”, he says. “You’re selling advertising, and you’re building and maintaining relationships. At the end of the day, we are simply professional advertisers.  Remember this, and your career will flourish”, he adds.

Tim is one of 15 inspirational industry professionals who will be speaking at the upcoming Australasian Real Estate Conference – to be held in Sydney on 22 and 23 May, 2011. You can find out more and book now at

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