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Under the Hammer!

I was fortunate enough to be involved some weeks ago in Channel 7’s upcoming TV show called ‘Under the Hammer’ (Series 2).

As a matter of fact, this is the 2nd time I’ll appear on this show as I had a small cameo 3 years ago in Series 1, which was loads of fun. Back then I auctioned a property in Zetland Rd, Mont Albert – which had a brilliant, entertaining vendor. For those who saw it, her brother drove me off in his Ferrari at the end!

Anyway, in the forthcoming series, I was filmed a few weeks ago conducting another sales campaign. This time we filmed a ‘before, during and after’ of a property I listed in Surrey Hills.

You’ll have to wait to see if I sold it or not.  :))

Today we shot Episode 1 and some promos for the show. I was the auctioneer in the background footage – definitely not the star!

The star of the show or the host (not me), is Scott Pape – better known as ‘The Barefoot Investor’. He’s a very nice bloke and I managed to take a couple of pics with Scott.

It was lovely to be asked today – a real honour actually. It was fascinating to watch and participate in a small way in what was a massive production with makeup artists, producer, sound guy, about thirty extras…even a helicopter drone!

The show goes to air next year, but some of the footage shot today might go on the promos. Keep an eye out!

Tim Heavyside_Under the Hammer

Here I am with the ‘Barefoot Investor’!

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