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Auction Snapshot | 12 & 13 October

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Auction numbers have continued to perform well this month, with clearance rates finishing up at 77% over the weekend. The favourable weather on Saturday saw 708 properties go to auction, marking a slight increase from the 675 auctions that took place the weekend prior.

With similar levels of competition expected in the coming weeks, buyers continue to face an uphill battle as demand for supply continues to grow. CoreLogic Head of Research, Tim Lawless, said ‘the amount of stock on the market is still quite low but buyer numbers are rising because of interest rate cuts and the easing of credit restrictions. The clearance rate got as low as 41 per cent last year so this is a dramatic improvement’.

According to the REA Group, fear of missing out on the current market conditions is another factor creating a sense of urgency among buyers and sellers, resulting in many properties selling well above their reserve. Some of the best performing suburbs in the outer east over the last few months have included Wheelers Hill, Wantirna, Malvern, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave and Kew.

The team and I were thrilled to successfully sell the contemporary town home at 2/19 Hotham Street in Mont Albert for $1,410,000 post auction. A big congratulations to our vendors and the successful purchasers!

Results. It’s a Fletchers thing.

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Celebrating 100 Years: An Interview with Steve & Eva Gotsis

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As part of our 100-year anniversary in 2019, Fletchers have been sharing a selection of real stories from our valued clients.

Steve and Eva Gotsis first met Canterbury Director and Auctioneer, Tim Heavyside, 17 years ago.

Here’s their story.

How did you come to choose Fletchers?

Eva: Our first experience with Fletchers was when we purchased our block of land at the Wattle Park Estate, which was with Rob Fletcher.

Steve: That was all the way back in 1995.

Eva: We were so happy that it was such a smooth transaction for us. When the time came for us to sell a property, we decided to use them again.

How long have you known Tim?

Eva: Steve and I have known Tim just under 20 years. It was around 2002 when we sold our first property. He’s been over so often; we can talk about everything in detail. Nothing’s off the table. Whether it’s in the afternoon or late in the evening, we can comfortably discuss what we want to achieve.

How many times have you sold with Fletchers?

Steve: We’ve sold around 8 times with Fletchers and over a 17-year period. We’ve sold with Rob FletcherTim HeavysideJason Salan and purchased through Daiman Kane.

Eva: And that’s been across different suburbs as well.

What made you sell with Fletchers multiple times?

Steve: At the end of the day, we keep on going back to Fletchers. Not because we’ve been dealing with them for 20 years, but because we’ve used their whole network. We’ve found them to be really good people that make us feel comfortable and we would not go anywhere else.

What methods of sale have you used to sell your properties? Why?

Eva: When deciding what method to use, we always listen to Tim’s advice because he always seems to come through and achieve the best results for us [smiles].

What was your experience of the sales campaign process?

Eva: Well, it’s been fun [laughs].

Steve: Yeah, it may be fun for you! [smiles]

Eva: Why?

Steve: You get to buy extra furniture, new pillows, new ornaments! You go above and beyond. [smiles]

Eva: Well, look, it has been fun, but I think also Tim has made it fun! [laughs]

In your opinion, how has Fletchers evolved over the years?

Eva: I’ve seen Fletchers branding and website evolve over the years and I think they’ve really moved with the times.

Steve: Fletchers have stayed in tune with how the real estate market has changed and who the buyers are.

Tell us about your experience on working with Tim Heavyside and his team?

Eva: I think working with Tim Heavyside and his team has been really beneficial for us achieving what we want to achieve; a great result. The relationship has also given us the opportunity to really be open. Tim Heavyside’s really just that type of person and we’ve always been comfortable to tell him what works for us. The same with Allison; we’ve had tips on styling, copywriting input, all the little details – all the way from Feng Shui to photography. I love the way they communicate after every open and we really know what’s going on throughout the 4-5week process.

Tell us a little bit about how Fletchers works to get you the best results?

Eva: For us, they’ve always gone above and beyond to meet us with us at any time of the day or night.

Steve: I work in Sales too and I like honesty, integrity, those longstanding relationships.

What comes to mind when you think of Fletchers?

Eva: Teamwork. There’s a great team at Fletchers.

Steve: We have been introduced to the team; whether it’s Allison, Tim’s PA or whether it’s the person working on our artwork, graphics or copy.

Eva: For us, I think it’s the whole team and how they come together to help us achieve that result. That’s why we’ve kept selling with Fletchers.

Have you got any stories to share about your experience with Fletchers?

Eva: Once, we had a porthole at this art deco house and when we were doing the shoot, Tim had this idea. Instead of standing outside the front door, he told the videographer to go inside and did this little entrance with the porthole. It was a fun experience and we had a few laughs along the way. I think that’s achievable after a period of time because you start feeling comfortable. [smiles]

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Auction Snapshot | 5 & 6 October

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With the Spring selling season off to a strong start, many agents are feeling renewed confidence in Melbourne’s property market, which seems to be making a resurgence from the 2017-19 downturn. Following the Grand Final long weekend, auction volumes bounced back on Saturday, with the REIV reporting 573 scheduled auctions and a clearance rate of 76 per cent across the state.

According to REA Group, this ‘follows a successful September, with weekly clearance rates consistently above 74 per cent’. As such, we are expecting to see an increase in vendors in the coming weeks as opportunities to sell well in the current market continues to improve. Additional factors boding well for a profitable Spring season include steady population growth, falling interest rates, relaxed lending standards and recent increases to median house prices, which is said to have resulted from both a lack of stock on the market and healthy levels of demand.

Results. It’s a Fletchers thing.

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Auction | 5 Frater Street, Kew East

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A rare opportunity in a blue-chip location was on offer at the auction of 5 Frater Street in Kew East, with the potential only limited by imagination! Backing onto Hays Paddock, there really was something for everyone, including our four legged friends!

The relaxed crowd watch on as I fielded bids from two parties to reach the final selling price of $1,420,000. A fantastic result for our vendor and the successful purchasers!

Results. It’s a Fletchers thing.

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21 Chester Street, Surrey Hills

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Join me on a tour of 21 Chester Street, Surrey Hills.

In a beautiful neighbourhood desired for its proximity to expansive Wattle Park, Deakin University and private schools including Kingswood College, PLC, Strathcona and Siena College, this rendered 4 bedroom home reflects a modern family’s lifestyle expectations. Walk to primary schools, Union Road cafes and the Riversdale Road tram.

To explore the property and view the Statement of Information, please call me on 0403 020 404 or visit the website:

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A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Exterior

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The exterior of your home shouldn’t feel left out when it comes to spring cleaning. Although it doesn’t usually require quite the same attention as the interior, there are simple measures to ensure your home sparkles from the outside in.

Did you know that regular paint touch-ups can extend the life of your overall exterior paint job? Pay attention to timber window frames if you have them and any ageing weatherboards.

Secondly, try to clean your windows as often as possible. It’s astonishing the difference it makes from the outside but you’ll really marvel at how clearly you can see out! If cleaning your windows is too physically demanding, or in hard-to-reach spaces, employ a window cleaner every quarter, it’s well worth the outlay.

Finally, keep guttering clear. Grass sprouting from the roof is not a good look and it could damage parts of your roof. Again, this may be a job for a professional, but it will save you dollars in the long term.






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Auction | 72A Strabane Avenue, Mont Albert North

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We don’t mind a bit of rain on auction day when it takes less than 10 minutes to achieve a fantastic result for our clients!

Three bidders competed to secure the quiet rear townhouse at 72A Strabane Avenue in Mont Albert North which sold under the hammer for $1,080,000.

My vendor Amy was featured in the Herald Sun as an outstanding example of ‘how to present your home for sale’ by painting the home inside and out prior to selling. Her efforts definitely had a positive impact on the ultimate selling price!

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