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A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Exterior

October 4, 2019 Leave a comment

The exterior of your home shouldn’t feel left out when it comes to spring cleaning. Although it doesn’t usually require quite the same attention as the interior, there are simple measures to ensure your home sparkles from the outside in.

Did you know that regular paint touch-ups can extend the life of your overall exterior paint job? Pay attention to timber window frames if you have them and any ageing weatherboards.

Secondly, try to clean your windows as often as possible. It’s astonishing the difference it makes from the outside but you’ll really marvel at how clearly you can see out! If cleaning your windows is too physically demanding, or in hard-to-reach spaces, employ a window cleaner every quarter, it’s well worth the outlay.

Finally, keep guttering clear. Grass sprouting from the roof is not a good look and it could damage parts of your roof. Again, this may be a job for a professional, but it will save you dollars in the long term.






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Auction | 72A Strabane Avenue, Mont Albert North

October 3, 2019 Leave a comment

We don’t mind a bit of rain on auction day when it takes less than 10 minutes to achieve a fantastic result for our clients!

Three bidders competed to secure the quiet rear townhouse at 72A Strabane Avenue in Mont Albert North which sold under the hammer for $1,080,000.

My vendor Amy was featured in the Herald Sun as an outstanding example of ‘how to present your home for sale’ by painting the home inside and out prior to selling. Her efforts definitely had a positive impact on the ultimate selling price!

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Spring Market Update – More Properties, More Buyers

October 1, 2019 Leave a comment

As the Spring selling season continues, we are thrilled to see an increase in properties coming onto the market, alongside a comparable increase in the number of interested and qualified buyers.

Research by Domain economist, Trent Wiltshire, indicated that the relatively high clearance rates in the two months prior to Spring are most likely an early sign of market turnaround. He notes that most commentary suggests that rising prices and higher clearance rates have been boosted by the low number of auctions but that historically, this has not been the case.


“Regardless of the number of auctions being held, clearance rates are still a timely and pretty accurate indicator of market conditions” he said. Economists, including Mr Wiltshire, have also predicted a third interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia before the end of the year.

Domain data from the June 2019 quarter also showed a slight jump in house price medians, for the first time since the peak at the end of 2017.

Feedback from our auctioneers and agents have echoed the positive sentiment, reporting that buyers are no longer holding back to place their bids, and often jumping in to spark further bidding once a home is announced ‘on the market’. Young families in particular are also coming back to buy, after regaining the confidence to put their hands up to bid. REIV President, Robyn Waters, notes that “the interest rate cuts and APRA’s advice to relax lending standards are among the factors that have cultivated an environment conducive to upsizing”.

After a relatively slow start to 2019, we now have the result of the Federal election well and truly settled, as well as two interest rate cuts already this year. We expect a robust and competitive Spring selling season, and hope that we can assist you with any of your selling, buying or investment needs!

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Auction | 8 Glendale Street , Surrey Hills

October 1, 2019 Leave a comment
Lucky Number 8 indeed!
We were thrilled to see competitive bidding amongst four parties for our recent auction at 8 Glendale Street in Surrey Hills. Our vendors Milan and Fenti had done a really fantastic renovation and the home was presented perfectly every week throughout the campaign.
The property sold under the hammer for $1,511,000 – an excellent result!
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