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Listing Your Property With Fletchers

Ever wondered what happens once you list your property with Fletchers? Whether you’re looking at selling now or early in the new year, this guide will give you a step-by-step of what to expect.

What happens behind the scenes?

This is a very busy time for us. Our entire team is immediately notified of the listing and clients on our database are informed.

Floor plan artists, photographers, copywriters and videos are booked (where appropriate), letters and flyers notifying your neighbours are prepared and disseminated and advertisements (including internet) are booked as per your advertising schedule. Additional brochures detailing what you love about your property may also be prepared.

Signboards and pointer boards are arranged and the property will be added to our weekly electronic email bulletins.

Most properties will be submitted to various media for possible editorial coverage.

We write to your legal representative requesting the necessary documentation on your behalf.

In most cases, you will be supplied with a calendar of events so you know what will happen throughout the entire campaign.

Fletchers team inspection of your property:

Each week, the Fletchers team discuss new listings for sale that are either viewed online or, where appropriate, inspected to enable them to promote your property to buyers.

Group team inspections when completed, more commonly known as ‘caravans’, are usually by prior arrangement with you and take no more than about 10 minutes.

Property keys:

When your keys are left with us, they are stored in a secure alloy locked box called a “Keysafe” which is secured at the property, or security coded and stored in a locked cabinet. Only Fletchers agents will know the code to your property.

Open For Inspections/Open Homes:

In most cases we recommend holding advertised ‘open for inspections’ to ensure that we get as many people as possible through the property, and so buyers feel more comfortable looking at the home without pressure. Also, the more people at the inspection the better, as people realise they have competition.

Rather than disrupt you on numerous occasions, you can also plan ahead for these scheduled inspections to ensure the presentation is 100%.

Buyers are only permitted to inspect the property when they have provided us with their contact details.

A consultant will always be there to speak to everyone who is in attendance allowing us to gain as much feedback as possible that we will report to you.

Our team closely observe people inspecting the home and though theft is extremely rare, we recommend that you remove small valuables from sight. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is always a good philosophy to consider.

The ‘For Sale’ board – how important is it?

A large number of buyers live locally or have been told about a property by a local resident so boards are very important.

The success of a board is reliant upon quality photographs, a concise and simple description including important attributes not obvious from outside, with clear contact details.

A well lit For Sale board gives your property 24/7 exposure – in rain, hail or shine!

Important: This general advice may not be relevant to you. You cannot rely on the legal aspects of this general advice; it is provided for information purposes only and you should please seek specific legal advice for contracts, sale documentation and settlement, and other legal issues.

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