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Are you auction fit for Christmas?

Cup Weekend has come and gone and all of a sudden, we find ourselves faced with the natural deadline that Christmas brings.

But before the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne start to flock to either Peninsula for holidays, there is still plenty of business to take care of with only six Auction weekends remaining in this decade.

So, if you’ve been sitting on the information loop during 2019, here’s my top tips to help get you off the fence and into your new home in 2020!

  • Have a suitable stretch budget. It’s always worth remembering that good real estate is rarely purchased at sub-market value.
  • Preparation is key. Attend the Auction having done your research, know your budget and vendor expectations, ensuring your price expectations sit within a realistic range to avoid disappointment.
  • Surround yourself with an expert team. Ensure your bank and legal representatives are primed to execute your paperwork within the appropriate timeframes, ensuring that loose ends don’t drag over the holiday period.
  • Perform on the day. Be visible, be clear and be confident and if in doubt, never shy away from having someone bid on your behalf. Confidence is key.

Good luck!

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