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Market Update | 2 & 3 May

The latest sales results across the state have seen the volume of private sales surpass the total volume of auctions over the weekend, with figures sitting at $168 million and $49 million, respectively.
As Melburnians edge closer to the possibility of relaxed social distancing restrictions, many have wondered how society will operate in a post COVID-19 environment. Following weeks of isolation which saw fewer cars of the roads and a dramatic increase in people working remotely, the question we ask ourselves is what happens when we emerge from our homes and resume the daily commute?
In an exclusive interview with Domain, RMIT Urban Researcher, Thami Croeser, has used census data to help identify that 97% of Melburnians live within walking or cycling distance of a shopping strip, suggesting that our suburbs could be used as mini business hubs or co-working spaces.
‘There’s this real opportunity to make things better after COVID in terms of how we get around. This way, more people could walk or cycle to work, taking traffic off roads and negating the need for public transport.’
Results. It’s a Fletchers thing.
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