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Fireside Chats – Toop.TV

 I was privileged to be invited to appear on Toop TV’s Fireside Chat program while on a recent visit to South Australia.  During a series of interviews with Toop & Toop General Manager Mandy Wurth, I covered a range of topics relating to Real Estate – how I work within my team environment, the market in general, effective communication with vendors, auction Vs private sale to name just a few.

Take a look at all three videos of the entire show via the link below.  Mandy is an amazing interviewer, and asks intelligent and insightful questions which lead to (hopefully!) informative and educational answers from her subjects.  I hope you can take away some insights into how I operate by watching these videos. 

Thanks again to Mandy and the team at Toop & Toop for an enjoyable and informative visit to beautiful South Australia.